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Man who spoke in strange tongues disappears

Man who spoke in strange tongues disappears

Niël Terblanché


A MAN who displayed unusual behaviour and spoke a strange language after arriving on a farm in the area of Okambahe, the 34-year-old Daniël Sisoyo, has gone missing.


In this regard, the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region has requested the public to assist in tracing Sisoyo, who was last seen alive on Farm Kanjemundje after he started acting strangely.


The missing person was brought to Farm Kanjemundje on Friday by Gerson Namaseb.


When he woke up on Saturday morning, Sisoyo suddenly started to display strange and unusual behaviour.


He was pulling and throwing feedbags all around the farmyard and was reportedly speaking a strange language that the other residents of the farm could not understand.


According to the missing person report provided by the Namibian Police, the language Sisoyo was speaking sounded like Oshiwambo to the other people on the farm but they were not sure.


After his strange behaviour, Sisoyo started walking in the direction of a nearby dry riverbed and disappeared.


According to the report, the police was informed about the strange behaviour and the fact that the man has gone missing.


When officers arrived on the farm, they followed the man’s tracks onto a neighbouring farm.


The neighbouring farmer was informed that the missing man is on his property and he offered to help the police in its search.


The farmer provided a helicopter and flew over the area for hours before the search from the air was called off.


The tracking of the missing man is, however, still ongoing.


Sisoyo was last seen wearing a red jersey, a pair of brown trousers, and sandals.


Any person who might have information regarding the whereabouts of this missing person is requested to contact Detective Chief Inspector Gurirab at 081 318 2181, Detective Warrant Officer Gawa!nab at 081 214 3299, or the nearest Police Station.


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