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Murder-suicide shocks Kuisebmond community

Murder-suicide shocks Kuisebmond community

Niël Terblanché


THE 35-year-old Fillemon Nghatanga was found hanging from the roof of the shack where he stabbed the 33-year-old Hertha Ndakula Daniel to death after she informed him that she wants to end their relationship.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, the murder and suicide was discovered at about 08:00 on Saturday morning at the shack the couple shared in 11th Avenue in the Seapoint area of Kuisebmond.


“It is alleged that Nghatanga killed his girlfriend with a knife at their ghetto before hanging himself with a piece of rope in the same shack,” the report states.


The two deceased persons were last seen alive at their home on Friday evening at about 23:00.


At about 06:55 on Saturday morning Nghatanga allegedly contacted one of his friends on his mobile phone and requested him to come to their house. The friend arrived around 08:00 and discovered the bodies of both deceased persons inside the shack. He then notified the Namibian Police.


According to the incident report, Nghatanga left a suicide note in which he expresses his unhappiness with his girlfriend’s decision to end their relationship.


The bodies were taken to the mortuary of the Walvis Bay State Hospital for further handling and certification.


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