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Motorists warned to be cautious

Motorists warned to be cautious

Niël Terblanché


Extensive damage to roads in southern Namibia was caused by floods after heavy rains fell for the past five days.


A heavy downpour over Windhoek turned dry riverbeds into raging torrents after only a few minutes.


Motorists in the city have been warned to be aware that flash floods may occur and to avoid crossings where water is flowing strongly.


With regard to the damaged roads in the south, the Roads Authority requested all motorists to exercise extra caution and to be vigilant during their journeys in the southern part of the country, as there could be roads that were damaged about which they are not aware of yet.


“Our maintenance teams are working around the clock to inspect and assess the condition of the roads and ensure that warning signs are erected. Hence, all road users are again reminded to comply with the installed warning signs for their own safety,” the RA said in a statement.



The known affected roads are:

B1 route (Trunk Road TR 1/2): From Grünau to Keetmanshoop TR 1/2 near the Guruchab River Bridge, the eastern road shoulder has been extensively damaged. The road is open to traffic but we have erected road signs to warn the road users about the damaged section. The road is narrow, kindly exercise extreme caution.


Main Road 27 (MR 27) or tourist Route C16: From Keetmanshoop to Aroab Main Road MR 27 has been damaged at several places with the southern lane washed away at some spots. The road is currently only accessible by 4×4 vehicles. Small vehicle owners are advised to refrain from travelling on this road until further notice.


Main Road 22 (MR22) & District Road 271 (D271): Gravel roads from Noordoewer to Karasburg MR 22 and D271 are both temporarily closed to traffic due to serious wash aways at river crossings and a collapsed culvert on MR 22. Roads users from Noordoewer to Karasburg are urged to use the tarred road via Grünau.


Hom River Bridge near Warmbad on District Road 210 (D210): D210 is closed temporarily to traffic due to the damage to the bridge near Warmbad.


The RA will update the nation on the conditions of roads in the southern region on daily basis via its Facebook page (Roads Authority Namibia) and other media platforms.


The public is also requested to report any road damage to the nearest Roads Authority Office or to send details of such damage via an e-mail to


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