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One robber killed two others wounded

One robber killed two others wounded

Staff Reporter


TWO robbers narrowly escaped death whilst one died after they were shot by Namibian Police Reservists patrolling in the Cimbebasia residential area of Windhoek.


The three robbers were a part of a gang of five men which attacked the reservists despite being warned of the fact that they are dealing with men armed with firearms.


The deceased armed robber was identified as the 43-year-old ikuti Ndeshitila. He is the suspect in several other incidences of robbery in the same area.



According to Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shiwambi, it is alleged that three Namibian Police Reservists were patrolling a gravel road in the bushy area of Cimbebasia connecting to Michelle MacLean street; where two previous armed Robbery cases were reported over the past two weeks where two people became the victims of the gang of armed robbers.


While the reservist officers were standing, five men armed with machetes and knives allegedly emerged from the bushes, charging at them.


“The officers shouted, “police, police” and that resulted in three guys running away while two demonstrated no fear and continued charging the officers. That prompted the officers to fire warning shots however the suspects were not deterred but kept coming forward. As a result, they were wounded. One on his left upper leg and the other on his right lower leg.” Shikwambi explained.


She added that the suspects that were shot are aged 22 and 26 respectively and were taken to the hospital and are reported to be in a stable condition. A machete and a knife were found with the injured suspects.


The third man’s body was discovered in bushes and it is alleged that he was struck by a bullet during the shooting whilst he was on the run.


Shikwambi stated that one of the injured claimed to be a farmworker in the area and that he was patrolling the area on a horse, however, his claims could not be proven as there was no nearby farm or a horse observed in the area. A case of Attempted Armed Robbery is registered against the suspects.


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