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Namibians will celebrate New Year differently

Namibians will celebrate New Year differently

Maria David


IF ever there was a year where celebrating the end of it seemed like a good idea, 2020 must be it.


However, COVID-19 is looming large over New Year’s festivities as more cases are constantly recorded in the country.


While many churches across the country known for hosting cross-over services to mark the beginning of the New Year had to change their time to allow people a chance to attend services.


Alleluia Ministries International resident Pastor, Ngula Mbindawina, said it is important to start a year dedicated to the Lord Jesus, and every year it has been a custom for Alleluia Ministries International Namibia and other churches in Namibia to gather start the year with God.


“This year has been one of the most challenging times because of COVID-19 that has affected the economy and people’s way of living. The church was no exception,” he said.


However, Mbindawina indicated that the church has the mandate to inspire, empower and bring people back to their belief in God and encourage them that despite whatever they may go through as a nation they would conquer through Jesus Christ.


“We may not know what tomorrow holds but God has seen our tomorrow and if there is a man to pray there is surely a God who will answer and heal our Nation and our people,” he noted.


Moreover, Mbindawina stated that following the government guidelines and compliance as a church they decided to host Crossing Over service from 5pm to 8pm to dedicate their families, work children to the Lord with compliance to the government regulation and the curfew to allow everyone to be in their homes by 9pm.


Meanwhile, a resident of Ongwediva, Loise Ithindi indicated that this year their count down for the year will be done in the comfort of their living room.


“We shall wait for 00:00 and host a family prayer to thank God for the blessing of a new year,” she said.


Tulina Pius stated that they are to replace the fireworks tradition with hosting prayers for those that died due to COVID-19 and those that tested positive across the country.


Namibia recorded a total of 482 new COVID-19 confirmed cases identified from 2 236 results received from the laboratories in the 24 hours.


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