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No fireworks on New Year’s Eve

No fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Marthina Mutanga


A CALL has gone out to all Namibians to light a candle for those people that succumbed to COVID-19 instead of shooting off fireworks to celebrate the advent of the New Year.


With COVID-19 being described as the new normal across the globe, the City of Windhoek which has been known for ending the year with a firework display will end the year in fighting the pandemic with the rest of the world, by ensuring that COVID-19 regulations are put in place and adhere to by members of the public.


City of Windhoek spokesperson, Harold Akwenye confirmed that this year’s firework display has been cancelled and said that the initiative to rather light candles for the departed has been launched.


The curfew that prohibits people from moving outside their homes between 21:00 and 04:00 will also be strictly enforced to ensure that people do not celebrate the advent of the New Year illegally.


In this regard, the local authorities of coastal towns also placed a moratorium on the use of any fireworks.


Instead, the residents and holidaymakers at coastal towns have been requested to rather buy pet food for the various animal shelters at the coast with the money that they would have spent on fireworks.


Local authorities all over Namibia have requested residents to adhere to the health regulations and the curfew to avoid unnecessary conflict with members of the security cluster.


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