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Overcrowding Othithiya leads to closure

Overcrowding Othithiya leads to closure

Maria David


FOR years Othithiya in the Oshikoto Region has been known as a tourism destination for many, but now many Namibians have to find a new way to relax.


This follows after the Othithiya site was recently marked off as a no go-zone by the Namibian Police Force due to the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases registered in the region with 17 cases reported on Christmas day, 11 on family day, 18 cases on Sunday, and 22 cases today were recorded.


Oshikoto Regional Deputy Police Commander, Commissioner Petrus Shigwedha, said since the 20th of December, many people were flocking to Othithiya to celebrate the Festive Season.



Shigwedha indicated that due to the high number of people the police were forced to take action and have control over the area for the safety of people.


“COVID-19 is spreading very fast and the number of people gathering is too much. People are not following regulations and protocols set by the Ministry of Health and Social Services,” he said.


He noted that the area will be under guard until further notice, while the situation is being monitored.


Shigwedha noted that the matter was addressed with the regional health director and regional council in order to ensure they mobilize the community on prevention measures.


Oshikoto Regional Governor Penda ya Ndakolo indicated that due to COVID-19 they haven’t been in the office due to other equally important matters and the situation on the ground will be addressed.


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