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Planting season has arrived

Planting season has arrived

Maria David


WITH some parts of the northern areas recently receiving good rains, some communal farmers have already started ploughing and preparing fields to plant mahangu in anticipation of a good harvest.


Oshikoto Regional Governor, Penda ya Ndakolo said ploughing in the region has already started as part of ensuring food security for the people.


According to ya Ndakolo, 75% of the region is deemed as a rural area and most of the people are into farming. He confirmed that many farmers have already started ploughing their fields.


“We were hard hard-hit by the drought and most people depend on the good rain we receive in the region,” he said.


Ya Ndakolo urged farmers of the region to start preparing their fields to ensure that they bring in a good harvest when the time comes.


The Governor of the Ohangwena Region, Walde Ndevashiya concurred with his counterpart of the Oshikoto Region and also encouraged people to start ploughing if they did not already do so.


According to Ndevashiya, good rainfall was recorded in the region, with electricity cables currently being affected by the weather.
“I visited the area of Okongo and we received good showers. Prospects for more rain are also looking good,” he said.


Ndevashiya indicated that as he ventured into the region, he saw people by the side of the road have already begun with ploughing and clearing of their fields in preparation for planting.


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