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Healthcare sector under pressure

Healthcare sector under pressure

Marthina Mutanga

THE healthcare system in the country has been pushed to the limit due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, especially in the Khomas Region, due to reckless behaviour.


Ben Nangombe, Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, said they are facing a lot of pressure at both public and private hospital due to the capacity and the number of hospitalizations.


“We are trying to manage the situation, but the country is facing a shortage of healthcare workers, with many of them also infected and unable to control the increase in patients,” said Nangombe.


Namibia’s healthcare system does not have the capacity to accommodate a large number of patience at once as there are not enough hospital beds and ventilators in the country.


Nangombe said the rising number of community infections places a burden on them and they are struggling to ensure that the risk of the virus being spread to other patients is minimised.


Nangombe added that he is worried that some people, who may have come into contact with confirmed cases, are still going around socialising, without knowing their status after they were swabbed.


He lastly indicated that it is imperative for COVID-19 guidelines to be adhered to if Namibians want to avoid another lockdown.


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