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Missing train accident survivor found

Missing train accident survivor found

Niël Terblanché


THE person who was reported missing from the scene of a train accident in southern Namibia was found safe and sound in Keetmanshoop.


The man was unaccounted for when the emergency services arrived at the site where a train derailed.


The person, whose name is not yet known, went looking for help on foot after several people were trapped inside mangled passenger cars that fell off a bridge weakened by floodwater.


Missing train accident survivor found reported Namibia safe Keetmanshoop
ASSESSING THE DAMAGE: Inspectors from TransNamib inspected the excessive damage caused when a bridge collapsed beneath a train travelling between Mariental and Keetmanshoop on Wednesday evening.


An emergency worker stated that the man managed to walk more than 40 kilometres to Asab where he informed members of the Namibian Police about the accident.


Not knowing that he was reported missing from the scene of the catastrophic accident, he took a lift from Asab to Keetmanshoop.


When the man realised that people were looking for him, he contacted the police and other authorities and informed them that he is safe and sound.


In the meantime, it was established that the driver of the train was one of the eight people who sustained less serious injuries during the incident.


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