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Robbers assault elderly farmer

Robbers assault elderly farmer

Niël Terblanché


COOPERATION between a network of farmers and the Namibian Police led to the arrest of one member of a robbery gang of five, who attacked and brutally assaulted the 79-year-old Lourens du Plessis on Farm Paderbron late on Sunday afternoon.


The elderly Du Plessis was attacked when he returned to his farm after visiting his son, Jan, at a neighbouring farm.


Upon his arrival, he found the door to his farmhouse open and was overpowered by five men when he went inside to investigate.


According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the attack occurred at about 16:30 on Sunday afternoon.



“The robbers attacked the old man and hit him in the face with their fists and even hit him with a rifle. He was also hit with a sjambok all over his body. While the robbers were torturing the victim, they demanded that he give them money and the keys to the safe in his home,” the report states.


Du Plessis did not have any cash at home and the robbers had to make do with N$210 that he had in his wallet.


They also took four of his hunting rifles that were locked away in his safe.


According to the incident report, the robbers then used a rope to tie the old man and some of his workers to a tree before taking the victim’s bakkie to make their getaway.


One of the workers managed to free himself from the ropes and helped the others to escape their bonds.


The old man called for help on the radio network and the police was notified.


The district watch jumped into immediate action and started searching for the robbery gang that was fleeing in the victim’s bakkie.


The bakkie was found on a farm in the direction of Outjo where the robbers were about to switch cars.


One person was arrested on the scene, while four others managed to flee into the bushes on foot.


A second search was launched and after some time, a second suspect was arrested as he was approaching Outjo from the surrounding farming area.


Du Plessis was taken to hospital for emergency medical treatment and is currently in a stable condition.


The search for the three remaining armed robbers is still continuing.


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