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Solar eclipse was a spectacular sight

Solar eclipse was a spectacular sight

Niël Terblanché


NAMIBIANS from all walks of life gathered on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to view the last solar eclipse of 2020.


The moon moved between the sun and the earth minutes before sunset which meant that many people were able to see the rare sight with the naked eye.


The phenomenon was only visible for about ten minutes before the sun dipped below the horizon.


Solar eclipse Namibians Atlantic Ocean view 2020
EXITED CHILD: Six-year-old Ian van Staden enjoyed an outing to the lagoon at Walvis Bay and could barely contain his excitement to witness his first-ever solar eclipse. – Photo: Aike Kölling


The solar eclipse was visible from Henties Bay to as far south as Lüderitz and Oranjemund.


Namibians were some of the only people on the African continent that was fortunate enough to view the eclipse.


Informanté readers are invited to post their pictures of the eclipse in the comments below.


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