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Festive Season trip ends in tears

Festive Season trip ends in tears

Samuel N. Shinedima


As it has been for thousands of years, when all else fails, donkey power will be the only solution that humans return to, to ease the weight of heavy burdens or to do work that would take many hours or days to complete.


Donkeys and their equine cousins such as horses and mules have been used by humans to recover broken down motor vehicles since the advent of the internal combustion engine.


As many Namibians take to the roads to take a well-deserved break from a year of toiling in the city, mechanical failures are bound to occur and when it happens in a far off place like the gravel road between Gobabis and Otjinene, a cart pulled by donkeys is often the only means available to recover such a vehicle, especially when the owner did not budget for such an event.



The video clip was made after a blue Citi Golf broke down on the long stretch of road to Otjinene in the Omaheke Region.


The sight of a dejected donkey cart driver and his donkeys pulling a broken-down car along the road amused passersby which meant that the video was soon circulated widely on many social media platforms.


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