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ALAN calls for unity from new councillors

ALAN calls for unity from new councillors

Maria David


THE president of All Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN) Katrina Shimbulu has called on newly elected councillors to work in unity with one and another.


Shimbulu, who congratulated all elected councillors, said that now more than ever they should remember the promises that they were making to people during their campaigns.


She reminded them that their positions do not hold any political party belongings, but a duty they all should carry out to serve the local and village councils to the best of their abilities.


ALAN councillors Local Authorities Namibia ALAN Katrina Shimbulu


“To newly elected councillors, ensure you are all united and work together in order to ensure that development is achieved,” said Shimbulu.


Shimbulu will remain ALAN president and all Executive members will remain leaders until next year July.


According to the ALAN Article 6.1.5 the elected members are expected to be part of ALAN for a period of five years.


ALAN is a body that represents all local authority members in Namibia. In addition, it provides a platform on which these local authorities can air their grievance and thereby provide better services for the country.


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