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Oshakati elects new leadership

Oshakati elects new leadership

Maria David


THE Oshakati Town Council has elected Hango Leonard, a Swapo Party member, as the new Mayor.


Leonard will be deputised by Puyeipawa Elifas a Swapo member, while Hofni Mutota, Maria Mutumbulwa, and Ruusa Magano all from Swapo are members of the management committee.


Meanwhile, Ndamahamba Jerobeam and Imene Martha for Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) have been elected as ordinary council members.


Oshakati Town Council elected Hango Leonard Swapo Party member new Mayor


Leonard urged his council members that when conducting their duties, they should do away from the ill-practice of tribalism and ethnicity, but rather embrace the notion of inclusive development.


“We shouldn’t forget that tribalism destroys countries,” he said, adding that he knows that they came out of heated election campaigns when they were criticizing one another as different political parties.


According to Leonard, the time has now come to join hands and serve the people of Oshakati as one team without favour, regardless of their political affiliation.


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