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New town councils installed at the coast

New town councils installed at the coast

Niël Terblanché


THE process of swearing in new town councils in the municipalities of the three main towns at the coast has been finalised.


In the wake of the Regional Council and Local Authority elections, Trevino Forbes (IPC), was sworn in as the new Mayor of Walvis Bay.


Saara Mutondoka (IPC) was elected as the Deputy Mayor, while Leroy Victor (IPC) was sworn in as the Chairperson of management committee.


Olivia Andrews (IPC), Roland Noel Bramwell (JWRA), Richard Hoaeb (PDM) and Stanley Bikeur (LPM) will serve as members of the management committee.


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Swapo’s Paulus Kauhondwamwa, Ephraim Shozi, and Albertina Nkoshi were sworn in as council members of the newly elected Walvis Bay Town Council.


Magistrate Vicky Nikolaidis presided over the ceremony held during an extraordinary town council meeting that was attended by a good number of residents on Monday evening.


Swakopmund welcomed Lovisa Kativa (IPC) as the new Mayor, while David Am-!gabeb (UDF) was sworn in as Deputy Mayor.


Wilfried Groenewald (SRA) was elected Chairman of the management committee, while Claus Goldbeck (IPC), Peter Shimanda (IPC) and Blasius Goraseb (LPM) were sworn in as members of the management committee.


Matthias Henrichsen (SRA) is the alternate member of the management committee, while Swapo’s Erkki Shitana, Suamma Kaudondokwa, and Heinrich Hafeni will serve as council members.


The new Town Council of Henties Bay is Mayor Lewies Vermaak (RP), Deputy Mayor Michael Skini (UDF) and Chairman of the Management Committee, Peet Swart (RP).


Other members of the management committee are Siegfried Garoeb (IPC) and Nimrod Haraseb (PDM).


The additional management committee member is Paulus Imbamba (Swapo), and councillor Kandari Kamati (Swapo).


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