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Amupanda vows to decolonise Windhoek

Amupanda vows to decolonise Windhoek

Niël Terblanché


JOB Amupanda, leader of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement, was elected as the new Mayor of Windhoek after he was the only candidate nominated for the position.


The newly elected mayor undertook to decolonise the Capital city and refused to wear the mayoral chain.


He said the mayoral chain is a device of colonialism and that it will be put in a museum to be viewed by the many tourists that visit the city.


Amupanda, who will be deputised by PDM’s Clemencia Hanases, was nominated for the position of Mayor by Fillemon Hambuda.


Hambuda was also elected as the chairperson of the five member management committee.


The remaining members of the Windhoek council management committee are Joseph Uapingene from Nudo, Desiree Davids from the IPC, Ilse Keister from the AR, and Ndeshihafela Larandje from the IPC.


The new ordinary councillors of the City of Windhoek are Fransina Kahungu (Swapo), Queen Kamati (Swapo), Austin Kwenani (Swapo), Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma (Swapo), Magdalena Lombardt (Swapo), Ivan Skrywer (LPM), Sade Gawanas (LPM), and Bernadus Araeb (IPC).


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