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Shimbulu trades council leadership for farming

Shimbulu trades council leadership for farming

Maria David


FORMER Oshakati town councillor and acting chairperson of the municipal management committee Katrina Shimbulu said her absence from the council has given her a golden opportunity to fully engage in her farming and construction activities.


Shimbulu, who was the Mayor of Oshakati twice and the current district coordinator of the Swapo Party Women’s Council, member of the Swapo Party Secretariat Oshakati East Executive member, Swapo Party Women Council Executive Regional, will invest more into her agriculture and construction sector.


Katrina rubbished claims that she won’t survive with politics, saying that she does not survive on politics and does not mind about leaving town council leadership.


Oshakati town councillor chairperson municipal management committee Katrina Shimbulu
RELIEVED: Former councillor for Oshakati Town Katrina Shimbulu. – Photo by Maria David


“I am very happy and relieved that I am going to do my daily activities,” she said.


Shimbulu stated that she will have to refocus her time on farming as she has been doing before she joined politics in 1997 as a council member for the Oshakati Town Council.


According to her, she will invest most of her money into farming with cattle, sheep, and goats and also focus on horticulture.


“Apart from farming, I will be going back to the construction of any type of building, which I had put on hold to serve the community that voted me into power,” she said.


Shimbulu indicated that some of the livestock with which she aims to farm was acquired after selling some of her vehicles that were used for construction.


Moreover, Shimbulu said that her interest to join farming is aimed at producing feeders for her farm animals, produce fruits and vegetables, and food for the nation.


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