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Toddler tortured to death

Toddler tortured to death

Niël Terblanché


A LITTLE two-year-old girl from the Okakango Village in the area of Okongo died horribly after she was tortured to death over two consecutive days by three other children of which the oldest is only 11.


According to the serious crime bulletin provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the little girl was subjected to being beaten with branches and even being thrown into an open fire over a period of two days.


The oldest of the three children accused of the barbaric murder is an 11-year-old while the other two are both aged nine.


Toddler tortured death Okakango Village Okongo died
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According to the incident report, the 25-year-old mother left the toddler in the care of the three other children while she went drinking at the cuca shops in the area of the village.


The torture of the toddler started last Monday and only ended when she died on Wednesday after suffering severe trauma and infection from open cuts and serious burn wounds she sustained when she was thrown into the fire.


The report states that the little girl was beaten with branches in her face, over her head, on her tummy, and even on her genitals. She was thrown into an open fire which caused serious burn wounds to her lower torso and legs.


According to the serious crime bulletin, the mother found her child seriously injured and with open cuts and infected burn wounds when she eventually returned home.


“The woman neglected to take the baby to the hospital for medical treatment and went out drinking again. The toddler eventually succumbed to her injuries while the mother was away from home,” the report reads.


A case of murder and the contravention of the Child Care and Protection Act has been registered with the police in Okongo after the toddler eventually died.


Astonishingly, no arrest of either the negligent mother or the three children accused of the vile act has been affected yet because the investigation into the barbaric murder of the toddler is still pending.


The serious crime bulletin states that the police did, however, arrange for the three minor murder accused to receive counseling from a social worker.


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