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More boreholes to be drilled at Okangwati

More boreholes to be drilled at Okangwati

Maria David


OVER the past years residents of the Kunene Region, particularly from Epupa constituency have been forced to survive on water from wells that at times are not fit for human consumption.


During a visit by Informanté in the region, communities in the area of Okangwati were seen fetching water from a shallow well for personal consumption purposes.


According to research most of the water in the rural area of the Kunene region is consumed by livestock, while the settlements in the area of Epupa are not linked to any bulk water supply system and there are no pipeline networks.


Epupa Constituency Councillor, Nguzu Muharukua indicated that the areas surrounding Okangwati have 22 boreholes, but the water is not always fit for human consumption.


“We have embarked on drilling eight more boreholes some 15 kilometres from Okangwati in the vicinity of Omharamba on an aquifer that was found to have water that is safe for human consumption,” said Muharukua.


According to him, despite the problems of consuming unsafe water, most of the communities in the consistency are used to drinking the water as that is the only source for them.


Muharukua indicated that they intended to provide clean water for the residents with time.


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