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New neighbourhood will be built for fish factory workers

New neighbourhood will be built for fish factory workers

Staff Reporter


A GROUNDBREAKING ceremony in Walvis Bay recently announced the advent of a building project that would see to it that 330 houses will be built in the Kusibmond residential area of fish factory workers.


The ceremony was attended by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr. Albert Kawana, who said that it is pleasing to see that fishing companies are investing in their most valuable resource.


In this regard, the local authority in Walvis Bay has availed a five-hectare area of land north of Kuisebmond where the construction of 330 houses will take place. The project will be funded at a cost of N$65 million and will provide affordable accommodation for fishing company employees as well as other residents of Walvis Bay.


To make the project a reality, a consortium of fishing companies have pooled their resources. The consortium consists of Cavema Fishing, Rainbow Fishing, Overberg Fishing, and Scombrus Fishing.


The project was launched in response to Dr. Kawana’s call on the industry to invest in their human resource by providing affordable housing for lower-income categories of workers.


Dr. Kawana said during the ceremony that the initiative will go a long way on the scorecard system for companies that are still waiting for fishing rights to be allocated.


“It is satisfying to see that fishing rights holders are complying and delivering on the indicators of the new scorecard even before it is formally adopted,” Kawana said.


The chairman of Cavema Fishing’s board of directors, Robert Shimwooshili said at the groundbreaking ceremony that the aim of the project is to create a community where the elements of the development will provide for the basic lifestyle and medical needs of residents


“A clinic, pre-primary school, and recreational facilities are included in the plans for the new neighbourhood development and will serve to support and uplift the community,” he said adding that the majority of the support services will be subsidised by the fishing companies as well.


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