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Voting Day Ends

Voting Day Ends

Niël Terblanché


A SHORT while ago as the clock struck nine, polling stations were closed, bringing to an end the much-awaited and tightly contested Regional Council and Local Authority elections for 2020.


Many polling stations closed with no voters waiting in line as many people rushed to get their votes in early and the counting of ballots at those points will be able to start already.


At the Kuisebmond Community Hall, however, one of the last polling stations in Walvis Bay that still had voters queuing, about 40 people were braving the cold wind to get their crosses down on the waiting ballot papers inside.


Thousands of Namibians all over the country were forming queues at polling stations hours before they opened at 07:00 for the election to officially start.



This means that most of the voters were done with the process by around lunchtime.


At the coast, voters braved four seasons in one day while waiting in line to make their mark on the ballot papers at various polling stations.


The morning started out windless and cool, while later sunny summertime weather saw daytime temperatures reaching well into the 30 degree Celsius range only to make way for a cold south-westerly wind that blew strongly throughout the late afternoon and after sunset.


It is the sixth time since the country gained Independence in 1990 that thousands of citizens had the opportunity to choose the leaders that will represent them at the regional and municipal level of government for the next five years.


The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) earlier on Wednesday declared that the voting process across Namibia went well despite some technical challenges at some polling stations.


Polling stations that closed at 21:00 allowed voters still in the queue to finish casting their votes.


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