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CoD leader causes commotion

CoD leader causes commotion

Placido Hilukilwa


THERE was a commotion at Polling Station 112 at the Okatana Service Station at Oshakati when the acting president of the Congress of Democrats, Vaino Amuthenu, photographed his ballot paper before depositing it in the ballot box for regional authority election.


ECN officials noticed what Amuthenu was doing and demanded that he erase the photos or else he would not be issued a ballot paper for local authority elections.


Police assistance was roped in after Amuthenu refused to erase the photos.


“I did not photograph the polling station. I merely photographed my ballot paper,” said Amuthenu.


CoD leader commotion Polling Station 112 Okatana Service Station Oshakati
IN THE QUEUE: Voters lining up at the polling station situated at the Okatana Service station in Oshakati. Photo: Placido Hilukilwa.


A female police officer retorted: “What you photographed is an ECN ballot paper and you have no right to do that.”


Amuthenu briefly scuffled with a police officer who tried to grab his mobile phone. He was eventually persuaded to erase the photos and was then allowed to cast his vote for local authority elections.


Nelson Nghilunanye, the presiding officer, lamented the incident but said that no other incident was recorded and the voting started on time.


Amuthenu gave the reason for his actions saying: “We are tired of being defrauded and when we go to court we are asked to provide proof.”


He referred to a past experience where he and his wife and children allegedly cast their votes at a certain polling station but when votes were counted the CoD did not get a single vote from that specific polling station.


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