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Toddler drowns in shallow water

Toddler drowns in shallow water

Maria David


THE two-year-old Ndemulonga Natangwe, drowned while playing in a water pond at Onaizimba village in the Okalongo constituency on Monday.


Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo said the incident occurred a short distance from the houses where the children live.


“It’s alleged that the three toddlers sneaked from the house leaving their granny behind and went to play at a shallow water pond next to their house,” said Shikongo.


Toddler drowns shallow water Ndemulonga Natangwe pond Onaizimba village Okalongo constituency Monday drowned
DANGEROUS POND: The shallow water in which a two-year-old toddler drowned on Monday. – Photo: Courtesy of NamPol Omusati


According to him, the deceased and two other children were left home alone with their 90-year-old grandmother, while the deceased’s mother went out.


Shikongo indicated that the lifeless body of the toddler was discovered by a person walking past the pond. He said the passerby was alerted to the tragedy when the two other children were throwing stones into the water and told him that the other toddler went into the pond.


“The deceased’s lifeless body was retrieved by members of the community shortly afterwards,” he said.


Shikongo stated that the deceased body was transported to police mortuary at Okahao for the purposes of an autopsy while the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.


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