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No trial dates for Lichtenstrasser

No trial dates for Lichtenstrasser

Eba Kandovazu


THE man accused of killing two executives of the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology, Eckhart Mueller and Heimo Hellwig in Arandis last year is still without trial dates after Legal Aid decided on a change of lawyers.


The announcement was made in the Windhoek High Court at a status hearing. The accused, Ernst Lichtenstrasser was informed that Legal Aid intends to instruct a new lawyer, Albert Titus who is based in Walvis Bay to represent him.


Lichtenstrasser is currently being represented by Trevor Brockerhoff, with who he says he has a trustworthy relationship with. He has in the meantime informed Judge Christie Liebenberg that he will be appealing Legal Aid’s sudden decision in changing lawyers, as he is ready to proceed with the trial.


No trial dates Lichtenstrasser killing two executives Namibian Institute Mining Technology Eckhart Mueller Heimo Hellwig Arandis
READY FOR TRIAL: Ernest Lichtenstrasser. – Photo by Eba Kandovazu


Getting a new lawyer will lead to a further delay in the trial, he says.


“I would like to express my shock and dismay. I was under the impression that we would agree on a trial date today. My case is of such a nature that it requires extensive forensic research and my current lawyer and I have done extensive research. We are ready to proceed to trial. I therefore intend to appeal this decision from Legal aid. I have built trust with Mr Brockerhoff and for the past six months we have worked together. I therefore feel that my rights to a fair and speedy trial are being infringed upon,” Lichtenstrasser told Judge Liebenberg.


Stating that the changing of accused persons lawyers lies fully at the discretion of the Directorate of Legal Aid, Judge Liebenberg also said he was under the impression that an agreement of trial dates would be met on Monday.


The matter was then postponed to 7 December 2020 for a decision from Legal aid, on whether or not Lichtenstrasser’s appeal to keep his current lawyer is successful.


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