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Namibia drops to seventh place in Governance index

Namibia drops to seventh place in Governance index

Staff Reporter


NAMIBIA has dropped from the fourth-best governed African country to seventh place on the latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) 2020.


Giving an overview of the researched publication, the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) said that Namibia remains one of the best-governed countries in Africa, but that it has deteriorated in both its scores and rankings across key IIAG indicators.


The Mo Ibrahim Foundation defines governance as the provision of political, social, economic, and environmental public goods and services that every citizen has the right to expect from their government, and that a government has the responsibility to deliver to its citizens.


Namibia seventh place Governance index Namibia African country Ibrahim Index IIAG 2020
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According to the IIAG, the island countries of Mauritius, Cape Verde, and Seychelles take the top three places, while Tunisia ranked fourth, Botswana ranked fifth and South Africa ranked sixth, all moving ahead of Namibia since its 2018 rankings.


On three sub-indices, namely Absence of Armed Conflict; Laws on Violence against Women; and Civil Registration, Namibia is ranked number one.


Namibia also performs well on Access to Financial Services (2nd), Labour Relations (2nd), Civic Checks & Balances (4th), Political Pluralism (4th), Personal Liberties (4th), and Media Freedom (4th).


Namibia’s worst rankings were: Socio-economic Inequality Mitigation (53rd), Absence of Criminality (51st), Poverty Reduction Policies (43rd), Mobile Communications (38th), Sustainable Management of Land & Forests (33rd), Access to Public Services for Women (31st), and the Control of Communicable Diseases (30th).


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