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Inner Voice Guides Freedom

Inner Voice Guides Freedom

FLIPSIDE — Chris Jacobie


NAMIBIANS have much to consider the coming 60 hours before and during the regional council- and municipal elections on Wednesday.


With dozens of political parties, associations, and organisations, a few hundred candidates, another few dozen activists, and single constituency independents belonging to no political party, it is not difficult to understand that some Namibians don’t know who to vote for.


The ballot paper is back and the EVM’s cannot be blamed.


Centuries ago — in the most sophisticated palaces of the world of kings, the nobility, and the ancients — signed proclamations and letters to each other and their followers with the mark of the cross to confirm authority, gravity, and authenticity.


The significance of a cross on the ballot paper – next to a party or candidate of choice – bears the mark of authority and originality and in Namibia, it demonstrates a thoughtful responsibility towards nationhood, but most of all a commitment to keep the nation united in diversity of politics and personalities.


Freedom Namibians regional council municipal elections Wednesday


On election day, rich and poor, policemen and prisoners, as well as employer and the unemployed enjoy equal power and influence on behalf of communities in particular and their future, their freedom and dignity in a constitutional democracy in general.


The Founding Father of the Namibian Nation, Dr. Sam Nujoma, will be a comrade and citizen when he votes and his cross on the ballot will be as valuable as that of his uneducated fellow Namibian.


What Namibians also know, is that Dr. Nujoma, his successor, Dr. Hifikepunye Pohamba, and the current President, Dr. Hage Geingob, and all the members of opposition parties – since independence – are not members of the IPC.


That is fact.


The more than 80% of voters that diligently voted for Independence, negotiated a Constitution giving individual rights to all citizens, and protected it for three decades in peace and stability must now be portrayed as “traitors” if they are not members of the newly discovered “patriot” of the IPC.


The whites that remained amidst insecurity and mistrust against an enemy they fought relentlessly can be proud of themselves and should not be discouraged and tempted by political refugees and born again Namibians into a kraal. And the enemy of old can also be proud of themselves welcoming their compatriots into a democratic future of Independence and Human Rights. It’s the chains of unity.


Namibians participate in their democracy, they don’t assault us by abusing their rights to hide their knives of political backstabbing against fellow Namibians.


Citizens and comrades, uniquely revolutionaries of change in an independent Namibia have a track record in Namibia and not a passport full of stamps to show how they travelled the world.


If anybody is not an “Ithula-patriot” in the eyes of the IPC, the rest of the Swakopmund- and Walvis Bay ratepayers members of the SWANU, NUDO, PDM, LPM, AR, UDF, UPM, and even CDV must be regarded as “traitors” by the patriots as well.


The only thing more ridiculous than that is that candidates of the IPC that expects Namibians to vote for them while they admit and even brag about the fact that they never voted themselves.


It’s offensive, annoying, and fake.


Every free Namibian who went through war and peace and their sons and daughters who were born under the flag have their inner voice to guide their instincts and rebel against might that is not right.


There are too many promises and campaigns of insult, incitement, and factionalism. In fact, the political scientists might get it all wrong with their analysis on Facebook and Twitter about excitement that might not be seen in the polling stations.


Democracy and leadership must reset and there is reason to believe that it will, not by teary-eyed patriots, but by citizens and comrades who are both revolutionaries to fight for a Namibia of common purpose and decency and know that the adversity of the world is the challenge they must pick up without hesitation.


Individuals, parties, and governments make mistakes all the time, but a united nation of democrats will correct it every time and see opportunity in adversity.


Because in the end, it is about everyday dignity. From the pavements of settlements to the palaces of financial- and State power.


When Namibians make their mark they should listen to their hearts and hear the call of their country and respond.


Namibia is in a democratic revolution, but citizens and comrades will prevail. Not fake democrats who rely on fake promises and could not change themselves in 30 years.


Namibia doesn’t need patriots. It needs Namibians.

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