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Sterns jewellery thief arrested

Sterns jewellery thief arrested

Niël Terblanché


THE brazen burglar who broke into a well-known jewellery franchise in the Grove Mall in Windhoek was arrested almost 700 kilometres away from the scene of the crime at his village in the area of Omuthiya within 36 hours of committing the crime.


According to the head of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga, the suspect gained access to the Sterns franchise in the Grove mall sometime during Saturday night by breaking through the roof of the building.


“He then disabled the alarm system and while inside, he used a key to open the safe where all the valuable jewellery is kept and stole the shop’s entire stock,” he said.


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While inside the shop, he also wrote several notes to the manager and staff in which he claimed that his crime was victimless and that no violence was used during the theft.


He also encouraged the employees of the shop not to feel guilty or violated, before urging them to clean up the shop after his crimes.


According to Chief Inspector Kuwinga, the suspect then fled north to his village in the Oshikoto Region.


He also confirmed the arrest of the burglary suspect.


“Most of the stolen jewellery, which includes several diamond rings and very expensive watches, were found buried at the homestead of the suspect in the area of Omuthiya and recovered by arresting officers,” he said.


The arresting officers recovered 232 watches, 225 wedding rings 35 necklaces, and safe keys.


Chief Inspector Kuwinga said that the actual value of all the stolen jewellery and other items that were locked away in the safe of the jewellery shop still have to be determined.


He also indicated that the suspect still has to be formally charged and is set to appear in the Omuthiya Magistrate’s Court later this week.


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