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Namibian farmers enter Angola illegally

Namibian farmers enter Angola illegally

Maria David


GOVERNMENT agencies have been unable to assist Namibian farmers in Angola to ensure that their livestock receives the necessary vaccinations.
In 2018, the Angolan government accused Namibian livestock farmers living close to the Namibia-Angola border of illegal grazing, harvesting timber, child labour and even poaching.


It is believed that hundreds of Namibians have been grazing their livestock in Angola since 2010, immediately after those from the former Owamboland were chased from the Kavango West Region.


Chief Veterinary Officer Doctor Albertina Shilongo, said that they are not allowed to go into Angola to vaccinate Namibian livestock.


Namibian farmers enter Angola illegally agencies assist livestock vaccinations
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Shilongo stated that if farmers want their livestock vaccinated they need to bring it to their regional or nearby pens when dates of vaccination are announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform.


“When farmers go to Angola they don’t inform the Angolan authorities or our authorities for proper monitoring. We don’t know how much livestock have been moved to Angola to-date,” she said.


Shilongo stated many of the livestock are moved illegally into Angola and is the cause of a lot of problems.


Last year, many Namibian farmers moved their livestock onto Angolan soil after the country was hit by severe drought.


Moreover, Shilongo indicated forms were given to all regional councils for farmers to fill in their information and the number of livestock that were taken into Angola for proper planning, but farmers were not forthcoming.


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