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Council helps the needy

Council helps the needy

Maria David


THE Oshikuku Town Council has assisted needy and destitute residents with clothing, shoes, disposable baby nappies, and toiletries, and some food items.


The council handed over the aid packages through Oshikuku Mayoral Relief Fund, which is part of its social initiative by the office of the Mayor of Oshikuku.


Mayor Julia Endjambi, said the Mayoral Relief Fund is a non-profit social fund that’s dependent on goodwill in terms of donations and contributions.


Council helps Oshikuku Town Council residents clothing shoes baby nappies toiletries
HELPFUL: Oshikuku Mayor Julia Endjambi handing over donated aid packages to beneficiaries. – Photo by Maria David


“The beneficiaries are people who have to struggle or go the extra mile to have something to eat or to clothe themselves on daily basis,” said Endjambi.


According to her, they cannot achieve their developmental goals if they are not united, working together and support one another and development is the development that benefits and takes care of everything resident’s basic needs.


“That’s the reason the Mayoral Relief Fund was established in order to ensure that those less fortunate are not left far off,” she said, adding that though, they are unable to resolve their challenges totally, it is worth trying.


Endjambi stated that they believe that together they will be able to make Oshikuku a caring and loving town where residents and business community work together for the love of one another.


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