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MVA launches Tyre Check system

MVA launches Tyre Check system

Marthina Mutanga


THE Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) has launched a system that would enable motorists to check the tyres on the vehicles within 60 seconds as part of preparing for long journeys of the coming Festive Season.


Surihe Gaomas-Guchu Chief of the MVA’s Corporate Affairs said the activation held with Namibian Police, Private Road Safety Forum (PSRSF) and other road safety stakeholders is part of the upcoming Festive Season Road Safety Campaign that will be launched officially on 25 November 2020.


The MVA launched the Tyre Check system on the premise that a simple action such as checking the pressure on tyres can reduce potentially fatal crashes and reduce the death toll on the country’s roads.


  • MVA launches Tyre Check system Motor Vehicle Accident Fund


“Daily tyre inspection is an easy task to do but can cause us a lot of emotional and financial trauma if not done often and properly. As we prepare for the Festive Season’s travels, let us make it a habit to check that our vehicle tyres are in good working condition before embarking on a journey as this could save lives,” says Gaomas-Guchu.


As part of the activation, drivers were educated on the importance of tyre maintenance and keeping the tyre pressure correct as per vehicle user manuals or information stickers.


Furthermore, great emphasis was also placed on urging drivers not to repair tyres that have big or sidewall punctures as well as those worn below the legal tread depth.


A dipstick survey was carried out to determine journey preparedness based on the conditions of tyres and level of tyre-safety knowledge. Of the 60 vehicles surveyed, 33% were found not to be sound for long journeys because of worn-down tyres and defective spare wheels.


According to Gaomas-Guchu, the data further indicated that some of the vehicle tyres were not properly inflated, which then signify the importance of checking tyre pressure.


Tyre safety is one of the key focus areas for the Fund and road safety partners during the upcoming 2020/21 Festive Season Road Safety Campaign.


Gaomas-Guchu said that tips on how to ensure tyre safety during the Festive Season will continue to be shared via the Fund’s social media platforms.


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