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Extension of tender opposed

Extension of tender opposed

Maria David


THE Katima Mulilo Town Council is accused of wanting to extend a tender for the maintenance of bitumen roads to Ashy Trading JV Mas Investments after its two years tender elapsed.


The company was allegedly awarded the same tender back in 2018.


Six bidders tendered for the contract of which Ashy Trading Jv Mas Investments bid N$ 4 300 580.25, Kabila’s property N$ 3 444 538.68, Canaan Road Construction and Maintenance N$ 4 505 579.83, ABC Investments N$ 8 376 157.25, Larissa Investments CC N$ 4 694 956.65 and Geckhoh Fifty Eight Investment Jv Royal Contractors CC N$ 8 163 690.11.


Extension tender opposed Katima Mulilo Town Council extend tender maintenance bitumen roads Ashy Trading JV


The spokesperson of the town, Muyoba Muyoba said that Albert Mheba was the only capable person that can fix the roads in the town, as he had already proven after he was given the job to fill potholes in the town.


“The person that they say has nothing, is the one with everything and is the only person with the capacity,” said Muyoba, adding that if he was in charge of awarding the tender, he would have not hesitated to give it to Mheba.


He stated that he was not aware that the tender was already awarded or not to any company as he would find out.


“Unfortunately, the whole procurement committee is not in the office as they seemed to have gone for another commitment,” he said.


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