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Horrific crash claims seven lives

Horrific crash claims seven lives

Niël Terblanché


A HEAD-ON collision between a heavy transport truck and a station wagon taxi, also known as a seven seater, claimed the lives of seven people who were on their way to the coast from the North.


The horrific accident occurred shortly after 14:00 when the two vehicles that were travelling in opposite directions between Otavi and Otjiwarongo crashed into each other.


Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga from the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division confirmed the horrific crash and said that emergency workers on the scene could only confirm seven fatalities.


“At this stage, we do not have enough details about the actual cause of the crash or if the taxi had more than seven occupants at the time of the collision,” he said.



After the initial impact, the truck’s momentum carried it on and over the taxi. Only the backside of the smaller vehicle was visible from under the truck.


The truck driver did not sustain any injuries.


Emergency workers on the scene of the crash had to redirect traffic away from the obstruction caused by the damaged vehicles.


The bodies of the taxi’s occupants had to be covered with blankets to preserve the dignity of those who had passed on.


Emergency workers also had their hands full to keep people away from the accident scene after diesel leaking from one of the truck’s fuel tanks caused a potentially hazardous situation.


The Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Naukalemo Andreas, said that she was on her way to the scene of the accident and that a more detailed report about the actual cause and the correct number of people that lost their lives will be made available at a later stage.


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