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Youth should take the lead

Youth should take the lead

Maria David


THE youth should be at the forefront of development and propel initiatives spelled out in the SWAPO Manifesto and in the policies and programs of the SWAPO Party.


Former Secretary for Economic Affairs of Swapo Party Youth League Tomas Koneka Iindji said during his mini rally held in Oshakati on Saturday.


Iindji stated that it is their passionate duty, as young people, to ensure that we are active in all the structures of the SWAPO Party.


“We need to move forward the developmental programs outlined in the Vision 2030, Harambee Prosperity Plan, NDP’s and all the programs and policies of the SWAPO Government,” said Iindji.


Youth development propel initiatives SWAPO Manifesto policies


According to him, Namibia’s economic growth and development is squarely in the hands of the youth and they need not cry “crocodile tears” in this regard.


“We need to strive to penetrate all the political structures of the SWAPO Party and SWAPO government in an orderly way,” he said, adding that he believe that they will be able to influence the initiatives that affect the youth and economic emancipation of Namibia.


He stated that the youth are confronted by an equally challenging struggle that is the economic struggle.


“The political struggle has been won by young people but why are we failing to win the economic struggle,” he asked?


He indicated that they need, as young people, to strategize, plan and implement the SWAPO Party Manifesto and SWAPO government policies and programs.


“We must learn to appreciate what the SWAPO Party and the SWAPO government have achieved over the years,” said Iindji.


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