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Sheya delivers suspension letter under police escort

Sheya delivers suspension letter under police escort

Placido Hilukilwa


IT is official. The long serving chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OuTA), George Nelulu, received his suspension letter Tuesday afternoon.


This was confirmed by Queen Martha Nelumbu’s secretary Dineinge Sheya who said that he personally delivered the letter at Nelulu’s residence in the Etomba village.


“He [Nelulu] was summoned to the Palace but did not turn up, so I was mandated to deliver the suspension letter under police escort. He cooperated and received the letter without hesitation,” said Sheya.


Sheya further noted that the suspension letter was signed by Queen Nelumbu.


Pictured: Long serving chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OuTA), George Nelulu. Photo: File


“Reports suggesting that the queen was undecided about the matter, do not reflect the reality,” he said.


Nelulu faces a number of accusations. He is, among others accused, of having abused his authority as head of the Eudaneko district by allegedly selling a piece of land to a wealthy businessman and then pocketing the proceeds estimated at over N$30 000.


He is also accused of having collaborated with the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) to shift the tribal borders, thereby placing under the OTA land that rightfully belonged to the OuTA.


An investigation board, consisting of professional people, was established and was given the mandate to complete their investigation as soon as possible.


When he was finally reached for comment, Nelulu confirmed his suspension, describing it as “an unfortunate development” which he said was the result of “underhand machinations by a faction putting tremendous pressure on Meekulu (the queen).”


He said: “By January next year I will have completed 20 years as OuTA chairperson and I have already made plans to retire in January, thereby allowing Meekulu to appoint someone else. I am now suspended and that is not how I wanted to end my tenure as OuTA chairman,” he said.


He denied any wrongdoing and expressed the hope that the investigation board would prove his innocence.


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