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Eenhana street vendors defy regulations

Eenhana street vendors defy regulations

Maria David


TRADERS in Eenhana have abandoned the town’s Open Market claiming a lack of customers.


They have moved into town, selling their products on street corners as they did years ago before the construction of the new Open Market.


Vendors are seen at various spots selling a variety of items to generate income for themselves.


Currently, the Eenhana open market can accommodate close to 400 traders, but there are only 72 traders left.


Eenhana Municipality spokesperson, Paulus Shilongo, said the council has engaged street vendors on various occasions, informing them to stop conducting their business in the unauthorized areas and educating them on the merits of the Street Trading Regulation.


“Council has engaged the Namibian police as a law enforcement agency to enforce council street trading regulation in which some street vendors were fined N$ 2000,” said Shilongo.


According to him, there are some street vendors that do not want to conduct their business at the Open Market, as they want to sell at any place they feel like for as long as they get income.


Shilongo indicated that the council has also made provision to have some traders close to the Eenhana Hospital whereby about 32 traders would be accommodated.

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