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Learner accused of murdering his grandmother

Learner accused of murdering his grandmother

Maria David


AN 18-year-old Grade 11 learner from the Iilyateko Combined School has been arrested on charges of murder and domestic violence after he allegedly killed his grandmother and attacked an aunt of his at the Enongo Village in the Onesi Constituency of the Omusati region.


Omusati Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo, identified the deceased as the 78-year-old Maria Sheya and said that the attack occurred on Wednesday


“It is alleged that the suspect was displaying some strange behaviour before he had supper together with his aunt and grandmother, thereafter everybody went to their bedrooms to sleep,” he said.


According to Shikongo, the aunt and the grandmother heard the boy screaming and went out to see what the commotion was all about.


Learner accused murdering grandmother Iilyateko Combined School arrested domestic violence
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Shikongo said that as soon as the suspect’s aunt came out of her room he attacked her. He said she fled out of the house to safety.


“While the aunt was hiding behind the house, she heard her mother screaming pleading to the suspect not to kill her,” he said.


The aunt started calling other relatives sleeping nearby and also alerted the police at Onesi to come to their aid. Upon arrival, the suspect started fighting the police who later on overpowered and arrested him.


“Attending police officers and family members found the grandmother on the ground. She was unconscious, bleeding from the nose and they also discovered that her right arm was broken,” he said.


“She was then rushed to the Onesi health centre and admitted for emergency medical treatment. The medical staff at the clinic could not do much and referred the badly injured elderly woman to the hospital at Tsandi where the patient was stabilised before being taken to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital. She never regained consciousness and unfortunately succumbed to her injuries while in hospital at Oshakati on Thursday,” he said.


Commissioner Shikongo said that the suspect is arrested on Wednesday night and later admitted under police guard at the Tsandi District Hospital as he seemed to be mentally unstable.


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