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Third grader arrested in Rehoboth for murder

Third grader arrested in Rehoboth for murder

Staff Reporter

A THIRTEEN -YEAR-OLD boy was today arrested for murder in Rehoboth after he fatally stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death.


The young suspect, who is in Grade 3, is accused of stabbing a Grade 8 learner from the Rehoboth High School to death during a fight.


The incident occurred at the St Joseph Roman Catholic School’s hostel at the town, situated 90km south of Windhoek.


The Hardap Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Eric Clay, confirmed the incident and said that the two teenagers were involved in an argument that turned physical.


The 15-year-old victim was rushed to the nearby St Mary’s Roman Catholic Hospital for emergency medical treatment for the stab wound on the left side of his chest, but he died shortly after arrival.

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