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Namibia lauded for good democracy

Namibia lauded for good democracy

Staff Reporter

THE importance of Namibians obeying the laws governing the country is extremely important especially in difficult times.


President Hage Geingob referred to the countrywide protests against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) of the past week and said that that the Supreme Law of Namibia, the Namibian Constitution, guarantees the safety and equality of female citizens.


The President made these remarks during a farewell of the British High Commissioner, Ambassador Kate Airy, at State House on Tuesday.


President Geingob thanked the High Commissioner for her service and hard work and acknowledged the good bilateral relations that exists between Namibia and the United Kingdom.


Dr. Geingob told the High Commissioner that her excellent work in the country was a result of the relationships she had built and the respect she had accorded to Namibians.


He acknowledged that the economic downturn in Namibia has been compounded by independent variables such as the commodity crisis, and now the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the ability of Government to implement certain programmers over the past five years.



Geingob said the Namibian Government was busy preparing the second version of the Harambee Prosperity Plan in order to aid economic recovery and fast-track development.


On building a robust democracy, President Geingob said: “When diplomacy fails, people go to war. The ongoing protests show you that Namibians have hope and do believe in the ability of the elected Government to solve problems.”


The President emphasized the importance of citizens obeying the laws of the country in whatever they do. He on many occasions, has condemned gender-based violence, recounted his experience as Chairman of the Constituent Assembly.


“As drafters we were conscious and gender-sensitive and the final language of the Namibian Constitution reflects the importance attached to gender equality. In addition to the 50-50 policy in the SWAPO Party, the Executive of the Namibian Government is dominated by women, who have done an excellent job,” the President remarked.


The President wished the outgoing High Commissioner the best of luck and encouraged her to visit Namibia as a tourist.


Ambassador Airey informed the President that during her tenure, official development assistance to Namibia doubled from three to six million British pounds. She further briefed President Geingob that the UK Government is working with the Ministry of Trade to ensure joint prosperity by accelerating trade between the two countries.


The High Commissioner further stated that the UK Government was assisting the Ministry of Finance with working tools and models that are aimed at creating efficient work processes.


On COVID-19, the High Commissioner informed the President that over 300 000 British Pounds will be availed to Namibian families that are struggling as a result of the global pandemic.


“The assistance will be in the form of food and medical aid will be delivered through the International Red Cross Society,” she said.


On press freedom, the outgoing High Commissioner lauded the exemplary leadership of President Geingob in promoting a free press and building a strong democracy.


She said Namibians have the space to dream, to think and to be visionary.


The High Commissioner said that both Namibia and the United Kingdom placed a premium on rule of law, and informed President Geingob that it was a pleasure to serve in Namibia.


The President wished the outgoing High Commissioner the best of luck and encouraged her to visit Namibia as a tourist.


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