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Independent candidate hospitalised with gunshot wound

Independent candidate hospitalised with gunshot wound

Staff Reporter

REHABEAM Tulonga Nghinyengwile, an independent candidate for the Ohangwena Constituency in the Ohangwena Region, was on Saturday admitted at the Engela district hospital with a gunshot wound to the thigh.


According to the police, Nghinyengwile was struck by a bullet fired from a pistol legally owned by his 32-year-old cousin, who was arrested on the spot.


The incident happened during a wedding feast in the Okatope village.


Regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Zacharia Amakali, said that the shooting incident followed a fierce quarrel between Nghinyengwile and the suspect.


Informanté spoke with a number of wedding party-goers who said that the quarrel was unrelated to politics and that it was simply an outburst of an old disagreements between the two.


Nghinyengwile campaigned for Panduleni Itula, the second most voted candidate during last year’s presidential elections, but has ever since disassociated himself from Itula’s party, the IPC.


He has already registered himself as an independent candidate.

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