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Namibians urged to foster healthy lifestyles

Namibians urged to foster healthy lifestyles

Maria David

EXERCISING every day and keeping fit may not only lead to a healthy lifestyle, but it will keep the doctor away.


Ohangwena Regional Governor, Walde Ndevashiya addressed participants in the World Walking Day event held at Eenhana over the past weekend.


Ndevashiya said that the lifestyles of many people can become a problem especially those that work on a computer all day or those attending meetings before going straight to their cars, or those that rush to their sitting room and having something to eat before going straight off to bed.


“People develop routines and keep to it which is sometimes very unhealthy,” he said.



Ndevashiya stated that the best medication is keeping fit at all times.


He indicated that if people keep fit by walking and doing exercises they will not have to see the doctor too much.


He suggested that people in the Ohangwena Region need to keep doing exercises and walking at least once or twice each month and not only wait for World Walking Day.


“Sports personnel in the region are not doing enough to mobilize people in order to keep fit, but rather allow our people to remain in some comfort zone,” he said.


World Walking Day is celebrated globally by millions by ensuring that they live a healthy lifestyle.


This year the Namibian Sport Commission selected the Ohangwena, Karas, Kunene, and Zambezi regions to participate in this year’s historic day.

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