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Three arrested for murder

Three arrested for murder

Maria David

A SOLDIER was among three suspects arrested by the Namibian Police on a charge of murder after they beat another man to death with pieces of wood.


According to Thomas Aiyambo, the commander of the community affairs division in the Oshana Region, the motive for the attack at the Indangungu Village on Thursday morning is not clear yet.


“They undressed the deceased person during the assault and used pieces of wood to beat him all over his body causing serious injuries. The victim died shortly after the attack,” said Aiyambo.


According to him, the suspects that were taken into custody are aged 59 and 21 and he added that one of the men is an Angolan national.


Aiymabo pointed out that the deceased person, who is yet to be identified, was wearing a black shirt, a black long sleeve jersey, and a pair of black tracksuit pants.


In this regard, the Namibian Police Force in the Oshana Region has requested the public to assist in identifying the victim.

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