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Close to 30 anti-violence protesters arrested, assaulted

Close to 30 anti-violence protesters arrested, assaulted

Eba Kandovazu

A TOTAL twenty-six protesters who formed part of the Windhoek demonstration against sexual and gender-based violence and femicide are currently detained at the Windhoek correctional facility, after the members of the Special Reserve Forces swapped in to arrest them.


Amongst those arrested are journalists, underage protestors and protestors with health conditions.


The peaceful protestors, who began their demonstrations on Thursday, were also met with teargas by the police.


At the time of publishing this, Deputy Commissioner Willem Steenkamp said that the young protestors would be charged with violating the Public Gatherings Act, Public Disorder and violating health regulations and released on warning to appear in court.


ARMED: Incidents of police violence were reported at the peaceful protest in Windhoek. Video: twitter


The deputy commissioner also announced that the three arrested journalists would be released without charges.


“I was doing my job until the police threw teargas at my face. They said they don’t give a damn about my media card,” said journalist Julia Heita, who added that she had an asthma attack afterwords.


It has also been reported that police officers on duty at the Windhoek correctional facility are denying lawyers a chance to consult with their clients, while the parents of those who were detained were roped in.


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Mariana Simana, one of the parents of a girl detained at the Windhoek Central prison said that her daughter and those arrested had not been formerly charged when she arrived at the station.


“The police say the group will be charged of, amongst other things, violating the health regulations by gathering in a group of more than 50 people. If that is the case, why then arrest only 26 people? Where are the rest who also violated this regulation? Our children haven’t even been allowed to see their lawyers. Thankfully, We have lawyers from Sisa Namandje, Henry Shimutwikeni, Norman Tjombe and Elize Angula acting on pro bono,” she said.


Other protestors who were assaulted by the police opened case against the police after getting medical reports.


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