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SGBV protestors clash with police

SGBV protestors clash with police

Staff Reporter

NAMIBIAN youths today clashed with members of the Namibian Police in the central business district of Windhoek on the third day of protests against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and femicide in Namibia.


Amidst the protest that has now gone on for a third consecutive day, the Namibian Police reported the violent death of yet another young woman at the hands of man in northern Namibia over the past 24 hours. (See earlier report)


In Windhoek, protesters gathered in the city centre, while in Walvis Bay, activists marched from the rugby stadium in Narraville to the Kuisebmond Police Station on Saturday morning.


Although the situation was loaded with emotion, the protestors in Walvis Bay waited patiently for the station commander to arrive to hand over a petition in which they demanded justice for Shannon Wasserfal, a 22-year-old whose possible body was discovered in a shallow grave behind the Dunes Mall earlier this week.


SGBV PROTESTS: Eloma Green read a petition demanding justice for Shannon Wasserfall while protestors in Windhoek confronted and clashed with the Namibian Police.


The Walvis Bay protestors read their petition in which they requested the Namibian Police to bring perpetrators of SGBV to justice quicker.


In Windhoek, protesters gathered at the Zoo Park where the initial process to disrupt business at the Wernhil Park mall was peaceful, but the situation soon deteriorated and several incidents where protestors were violently manhandled by the police erupted.


A convoy of Swapo Party members busy with a rally for support for the upcoming regional council and local authority elections also drove past the protestors.


The protestors booed the political rally, which resulted in a temporary interruption of the gathering consisting mostly of youths.


Soon after, members of the Special Reserve Force, dressed in full riot gear, arrived and requested the protestors to disperse before firing teargas canisters at the crowd on Mandume Ndemufayo avenue.


Several protestors who once again gathered at the Zoo park after running away from the tear gas were later arrested.


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