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Namibia to auction Waterberg buffalos

Namibia to auction Waterberg buffalos

Niël Terblanché

THE prevailing drought has forced the authorities in Namibia to put one hundred buffalos deemed disease free from the Waterberg Plateau Park on auction.


The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) advertised the sale of the wild animals in several daily newspapers and said it would auction the animals to anyone at home or abroad who could meet welfare and legal criteria.


According to the spokesperson of the MEFT, Romeo Muyunda, 70 female and 30 male buffalos from the national park have already been rounded up in enclosures and are ready for the auction.


“It makes conservation sense to reduce the number of wildlife whenever the grazing capacity of a park is exceeded. The auction is aimed at reducing the pressure on grazing and other resources in the park,” Muyunda said.


During 2019, the MEFT auctioned more than a thousand animals from national parks to alleviate pressure on grazing because of the drought taking on disastrous proportions.


There were 500 buffalos among the animals that were auctioned off.


Some of the animals in the parks were culled and the meat was used for drought and hunger relief programmes.


The advert prompted prospective bidders to contact the offices of the ministry to get details on how the process would work.


According to Muyunda, the people most likely to enter bids in the auction are game farmers.


Besides going for high prices on game auctions, disease free buffalos are prized by sports hunters.


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