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Oshakati’s Swapo old guard voted out

Oshakati’s Swapo old guard voted out

Placido Hilukilwa

THE Swapo Party’s local councillors of Oshakati, who spent years fighting amongst themselves were finally voted out by delegates to the joint conference of the Oshakati-East and Oshakati-West.


Delegates from the two districts met Sunday to elect the seven Swapo candidates for the Oshakati local authority.


Of the current six Swapo councillors, only Mayor Angelus Iyambo survived the tough contest, but placed at the bottom of the list.


Oshakati Swapo old guard voted Party local councillors voted delegates
Pictured: Mayor Angelus Iyambo. Photo: File


Hofni Mutota tops the zebra-style list of four males and three females.


He is followed by Puye-Ipawa Elifas, Leonard Hango, Maria Mutumbulwa, Leo Shinime, Martha Nashidengo and Angelus Iyambo.


The current councillors who failed to make it include former mayors Onesmus Shilunga and Katrina Shimbulu, deputy mayor Ndamononghenda Hamunyela, former chairperson of the management committee Gabriel Kamwanka, and Loise Shivolo.


The protracted factionalism amongst Swapo’s Oshakati councillors has hampered the proper functioning of the town council after two councillors refused to be worn-in and the management committee remains, to this day, without a chairperson.


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