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Namib Laboratories will assist with Covid-19 testing

Namib Laboratories will assist with Covid-19 testing

Staff Reporter

NAMIBIA’S capacity to analyse COVID-19 specimens has been expanded with the addition of yet another private sector laboratory that will provide such services.


Feedmaster announced that it received an official authorisation letter from the Ministry of Health and Social Services that will enable Namib Laboratories to conduct the analysis of COVID-19 specimens collected at the various testing points countrywide.


In a statement, Feedmaster said that Namib Laboratories is a subsidiary entity and that it was established during 2018 with the aim to conduct all microbiological, serological, and PCR related diagnostic tests for the Namib Mills group of companies.


Namib Laboratories assist Covid-19 testing capacity analyse specimens private sector laboratory
INCREASED CAPACITY: Benoit Schrywer – Microbiologist, Louise Clack – Laboratory Manager, and, Lucille Dausab – Junior Microbiologist from Namib Laboratories that will henceforth be assisting with COVID-19 testing in Namibia. – Photo: Courtesy of Feedmaster Namibia


According to the statement, one of the rooms in the laboratory was converted into a fully functional PCR laboratory to assist the health ministry with COVID-19 testing. This facility was adapted to analyse at least 94 samples per day with a 24-hour turnaround time for results.


Part of the reason for this addition to Namib Laboratories is to ensure that the COVID-19 risk to staff, business, and sister companies are well managed.


The company said it is a great honour to assist the ministry in its current need for testing facilities during the global pandemic.


Mary Mataranyika from the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Dr. Susanne Beard from the CDC assisted with the correct measures and procedures to get the laboratory up to standard and to generate accurate results.


Feedmaster said that the laboratory is equipped with state of the art machinery and well-trained staff.


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