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Wounded lion attacks hunter

Wounded lion attacks hunter

Maria David

An investigation has been launched to determine whether a criminal case can be brought against individuals who wounded a lioness and stands accused of hunting protected game in the vicinity of the Etosha National Park.


The spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda said that the incident where a local farmer was injured during the hunt for a lion that is said to have killed a goat is currently under investigation.


According to Muyunda, preliminary information indicates that the lioness killed a goat an area between the Ovenduka and Onghulumba villages, north of Etosha, on September 9.


Muyunda noted that members of the community hunted the predator down where they shot and wounded the animal. A member of the hunting party was injured when the wounded lioness attacked the people tracking it.


The three rifles that were used in the hunting trip were confiscated.


He also revealed that the lioness was eventually put down by MEFT officials because of the potential risk to human lives.


Muyunda exhorted members of the public to stop taking the law into their own hands.


He said that people put their own lives at risk when they hunt down dangerous predators such as lions.


“Incidents of human-wildlife conflicts must instead be reported to the relevant authorities,” he said.


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