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Workers discover body floating in water supply dam

Workers discover body floating in water supply dam

Maria David

EMPLOYEES of the Namibia Water Corporation Ltd (NamWater) at Oshakati made a gruesome discovery when they turned up for work Monday morning.


They discovered the lifeless body of 42-year-old Joseph Pinehas floating in the earth dam adjacent to the company’s water purification plant.


The police’s community affairs officer in the Oshana Region, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, estimated that the body might have been in the water for two days because NamWater workers clean the dam’s “screens” every day, except Saturday and Sunday.


The deceased was found with his ID card and other personal documents as well as a cell phone still on his person.


Aiyambo said that no external marks or wounds were found on the body of the deceased person that would suggest foul play.


The deceased was an employee of Pick n Pay supermarket at the Oshana Mall, Ongwediva.


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