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Elderly man arrested on a charge of rape

Elderly man arrested on a charge of rape

Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of Ohaikedi Village and the surrounding area in the Ohangwena Region are reeling in shock after news broke that a prominent resident of the village was arrested, accused of having raped a member of his own household.


It is alleged that the 62-year-old suspect raped his 17-year-old niece twice last month. The crime was allegedly committed in the suspect’s house during an afternoon of an unknown day in August.


According to the police, the suspect entered the 17-year-old victim’s sleeping room on two occasions, undressed her, and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.


The suspect is an uncle and guardian of the victim.


The incident was only reported Saturday. The suspect is already behind bars and is expected to appear in the magistrate’s court at Eenhana soonest.


Although the suspect cannot be named before he is formally charged, local residents identified him as “a prominent personality” in the village, who is considered a role model by many.


“We are utterly shocked, surprised, and saddened by the news,” said a resident of the Ohaikedi Village on condition of anonymity.


Senior Traditional Councilor for the Eenhana district of Oukwanyama, Efraim Weyulu, also commented on the news saying that “the Ohangwena Region has now become a notorious source of shocking news: a region where people are hacked with pangas; where quarrels and physical fights are common … and now this shameful news.”.


He said that plans are underway for a stakeholders’ conference to address the growing moral degradation. “We need to look deeper and find out where we have gone wrong as a society,” he said.


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